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5 ways to become rich

In their book, “Why We Want You to be Rich,” Mr. Trump and Mr. Kiyosaki both have an answer to How To Make Yourself Rich [chapter 4]:

  • Everyone has money problems. If you want to make yourself rich, solve problems. Identifying a problem creates the opportunity for creating a solution.– Mr. Kiyosaki
  • Robert’s and my message is, with the proper financial education and planning you can ride out the turbulence of what is happening in our financial world today and through this education you can become richer by finding ways to solve the problems. – Mr. Trump

So, how do you become financially rich?

  1. You could invest [said tongue-in-cheek] in the lottery.  Budget “x” numbers of dollars each week to spend on lottery tickets and hope your number(s) comes up. But consider: You have better chances of getting into a car accident, plane accident, or struck by lightning, than to win your lottery.
  2. You could inherit millions from a rich relative.  How likely is this?  Do you have any rich relatives?  Is there any particular reason they would leave their money to you?  How confident are you that estate taxes wouldn’t eat up the majority?  Do you really want to bank your financial future on someone else’s demise?
  3. You could play the stock market.  Right now?  Have you checked the latest headlines? “Wall Street Bracing for Bad News.”
  4. You could sit tight in your current job and hope for a raise.  This will certainly not take you on a path to becoming financially rich…if you are even among the fortunate to keep your job.
  5. You could do as the book advises: “….If you are committed to being one of the 10 percent of people who earn 90 percent of the money, then it takes focus and commitment – your focus and your commitment!…” [page 290]

What do you focus on and commit to?  These gentlemen offer some advise in investing in real estate and becoming involved in a network marketing business.

  • Mr. Kiyosaki– “…Why do I invest in real estate?…There is no other investment I know of that gives me so much control over the many aspects of making money and keeping my money…There is very little control over savings, stocks, bonds and mutual funds….When I first heard about network marketing, I was against it. But after opening my mind, I began to see advantages that few other business opportunities offer…A network marketing business is designed to bring you up to the top, not keep you down at the bottom. A true network marketing business does not succeed unless it brings people up to the top….”
  • Mr. Trump– “…more reasons I like investing in real estate: It’s exciting. It’s complex. It’s multi-dimensional. And it’s tangible…If I’m going to invest my time and money in something, I have to be proud of it at the end of the day…Like Robert, I did not know much about network marketing or the direct sales industry…I had to open my mind and look into it. What I found surprised me…Network marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income, and the challenges could be just right for you….”

2009 is presenting us all with challenges in keeping our financial feet.  The United States is in a recession, many thousands are looking for work, many dozens of companies may still close or be forced into bankruptcy…the picture is not a pretty one.  But it doesn’t have to be gray for you.

For me, real estate investing is not the option I choose.  Network Marketing offers the challenges I can handle and income potential that can put not just me, but those I work with, in an advantageous financial position this year, even in the midst of all this negative “stuff.”

Think about your options for the year and see if you can’t open your mind to something new. 

**MonaVie is an exciting, growing [even now, in this current economic climate] company offering exciting potential as a home-based income opportunity.  I’m excited that it is being offered now in Mexico, as well as Israel, Japan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course the United States.  You have the opportunity to build a successful international business from the comfort of your own home.  Join me today.  Send me an email at linbistwo@sbcglobal.net and let’s talk about it. **

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