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Which New Year are you going to celebrate?

Here’s a quick question: which New Year are you going to celebrate?

Is it the change of calendar, from 2008 to 2009 only?  Will it simply be a new calendar for the kitchen wall on which you tick off the days and mark down dentist appointments and dinner dates with friends?  Are you only going to update your planner with new pages, mark down the family birthdays and then head off to work as usual after New Year’s Day?

Or –

Will you celebrate a truly New Year by acting on your dreams?  Will you take your dreams out of the cupboard, dust them off and put them into play?  Will you decide you really do want to:

  • take that trip
  • help that cause
  • set up a trust for your grandchildren
  • give a hand up to a hurting friend
  • pay off your mortgage early
  • replace your current postion with something that gives you residual income
  • get yourself off Social Security and/or Social Security Disability and pay your own way
  • bring in enough extra income to let your spouse stop working
  • find hope in a business you own and conduct yourself because there simply is nothing out there and you’ve been laid off

It just takes a decisionMake 2009 something very special.

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  1. Linda. I love your writing style and you are so right. It is simply a decision. One, unfortunately most people don’t even realize they can make.
    Happy New Year to you, my friend. May this be the best year ever !
    Joyce Penner

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