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Holiday wishes, hopes and fears

What is the definition of profit?

  • The positive gain from an investment or business operation after subtracting for all expenses; opposite of loss
  • (derive a benefit from) “She profited from his vast experience”
  • the compensation accruing to entrepreneurs for the assumption of risk in business enterprise as distinguished from wages or rent

Whatever holiday is special to you this December and January I share these wishes, hopes and fears for profit:

I wish for us all positive gain for the work we do, for the efforts we make, for the trying.  There is great value in trying.  We may not always succeed, but to not try at all is to fail with no lessons learned.

I wish for us all that we will profit from the experiences of this past year, whether in our personal lives, our day-to-day living, but also from the global experiences we’ve all shared.  I wish that we will derive a benefit from the experiences by learning what NOT to do, by learning what TO DO better, by learning to find alternate solutions, by learning to be tolerant, helpful and kind one to another.

I wish for us all prosperity in whatever our individual endeavors.  Prosperity means different things to people: to some it is survival and meeting basic needs.  To some it is the ability to share their largess with those who have great need.  To others is it meeting dreams that have long been held in abeyance.


  • Hope that loss will cease to be the headline of the day
  • Hope that we will learn from the experiences of others – some mistakes really do not need to be repeated for the lesson to be learned by all
  • Hope that positive thinking will replace ill-will, despair and helplessness – Hope that we all will find a way to help one another.  If you can’t help globally, help in your community; if you can’t help there, offer a hand to your neighbor; if you can’t help your neighbor, help your own family; if you can’t help your family at least help yourself 

My fears are that:

  1. We’ll ignore the positive gains of this year and go blindly into 2009 without a plan for change.
  2. We’ll have learned nothing from the experiences of this year and go into 2009 as if we’re ignorant of responsibility.
  3. We’ll let fear itself dictate our direction.

Every single day is a new day.  Every single day offers unknown opportunities.  Current circumstances do not have to govern our inner life. 

My gift to you readers, is that Hope will fill your heart and Joy will take you into the New Year.  Look through glasses whose lenses are Hope and Joy and you will see possibilities never before considered.

Happy Holidays. 

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