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Recyling views and being a bit political

Cliff Pletschet is a columnist in the financial section of my daily newspaper.   Today’s column spoke directly to some emotions I’ve been having this holiday season in the aftermath of the terrible happenings last month in old Bombay – which have nothing whatever to do with finances or business per se.  I’d like to recycle a few of his comments:

  • Mr. Pletschet says in today’s column, “…Personal safety now sits atop my family wish list. At one time, happiness, good health and financial well-being covered the blessings. Now safety takes the top spot because the world has gone mad, populated by too many insane and evil people whose inexplicable agenda calls for the random, senseless, brutal slaying of innocent people….Harboring disregard for human life completely mystifies me….”

I agree.  I heard somewhere in some motion picture that the purpose of terror is to induce terror.  Well, I’m past terror…I’m angry Fed up Sick of humans using death as a means of communication.  Sick of indiscriminate killing as a way of creating headlines.  Enough all ready.  The human race will never evolve as long as the lowest denominator is a suicide bomber.  This has been thus throughout human history.  And, there is no one nation blameless -in more recent times the bombing of Dresden in World War II is a case in point…all controversary about it aside.  The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a case in point…all rationales aside…and the Halocaust – there have been many throughout history haven’t there?    My question, brought about by Mr. Pletschet’s column today is, can we find some other way to communicate our differences and frustrations?  I truly and honestly do not want my grandson’s generation to be asking these very same questions 50 years from now.

My political comment in this my business blog:  it is my dearest hope and prayer that the new incoming presidential administration for the United States will seek ways other than war and military options for any and all situations in this world…that the rest of the world will follow suit.  That it will become unacceptable to wage war.  What if,  just what if we – all the peoples of this planet – were to use the brain power and resources now used in war to finding solutions? What could happen then?

Business is fast becoming global for even the small, home-based business person.  Let’s build a world where commerce, not war, is what we discuss.  Let’s have a top 10 news stories of the year be a list of the positive and not the death that has happened at the hands of others for next year.  As Captain Picard is forced to consider in one of the motion pictures, I have more years behind than ahead – in fact in the U.S. there are millions of people who have more years behind than ahead, we so-called Baby Boomers…can we not in these years we do have ahead work to make this a better world?  My parents fought in a war, my generation when young fought in a war, let’s end our time here celebrating an absence of war.

Mr. Pletschet continues in his column,

  • “…Should we stay home because of their actions? No, that sounds like fleeing under beds, which is what the thugs of the world want us to do…For whatever good it will do, we need to call on our lawmakers to put public safety ahead of financial safety of American businesses. We want businesses to survive because of the need for job and investment protection, but what good are those protections if we are not alive to gain benefit from them?…” 


Readers, what do you think?

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