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Christmas countdown #1-what kind of customer are you?

Not too many blogging days until Christmas!  Where’s the jingle?  Does your business or product have a jingle?  Remember those old television commercials that really wanted you to buy beer but entertained you with “…From the land of sky blue waters…?”  And I’m like Meredith at iVillage  in her blog remembering the Norelco shaver tv ads with Santa riding down the snowbank on floating shaver heads-my memory isn’t bringing up a jingle but the visual.  On to business.

With needing to get the rest of my Christmas shopping done and having customer service on my mind, I thought I’d pause to ask what kind of customer are you?

As business people we hopefully hold ourselves to high standards in giving great customer service.  But I wonder how exemplary are we in the customer role?  Do customers themselves have a set of standards to meet?  Try this:

  • customers ought to be patient – especially at Christmas time.  Most stores have far more customers than is usual and sometimes not enough staff.  So being patient, waiting your turn is a good thing.
  • customers ought to be helpful – when walking down a crowded store aisle, or around clothing racks in a department store, if you see something on the floor…pick it up and place it back on the rack or shelf.  A nice thing to do. 
  • customers ought to smile and be polite – smiling generates smiles in return usually and go a long way to easing shopping tensions.  Politeness ought to be a no-brainer: say “please,” and “thank you.”  Yes, the clerk is supposed to put your purchase in a bag and hand it to you, that is part of their job, but say “thank you.”
  • customers ought to use some common sense– we all have eyes and if we could but see we might notice that the clerk or manager or waiter or hostess or online operator is overwhelmed and busy and could benefit from some of that patience mentioned before.
  • customers ought to park that entitlement mentality at the curb – people in service jobs are not subservient and deserve respect.

Readers, can you add to this listing of customer standards?

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