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Question: do you even like your products?

Speaking about people who have a business that offers products or services, I wonder, do they even like their own products or services?  What if the answer was “no?”  What difference would it make to their success?

How can someone who has a direct selling business offer a product or service that he or she can’t get excited about?  I think it would be very hard to convice someone else to try your proudcts or service if you don’t use them and believe in them yourself.  Where would be your credibility?

Does this mean you have to whoop and hollar and jump around like some kind of fool to show how excited you are?  Maybe not so much.  But I do believe it means you show excitement.  I think it means:

  • You use your product – you are your first, best customer
  • You not only use your product, you are your first testimonial about it – you love to talk about the value you receive from it
  • You believe in it enough to talk about it to others – you are so excited about it you can’t wait to tell others

People don’t like to be “sold” products, they like to “buy” products, this is the mantra of sales genius Jeffrey Gitomer and it is so true. 

Be excited about your product or service.  Be willing to tell people why you like it and what benefit(s) it offers.  Give your product or service value.  Position it as something of value to have or use and there will be people who will be able to see that value for themselves….then they will buy it from you.

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