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Time to update your internal encyclopedia

We all have an encyclopedia inside our heads composed of meanings to things.  We filter everything we see and everything we hear through this encyclopedia that is the result of all we know and understand from everything we’ve learned and experienced.  Each person’s encyclopedia is unique to that person.

A quick example of that uniqueness is how you can have five people standing in a group who witness an automobile accident and you’ll get five different accounts.  They will have similarities, but each person will express what they’ve seen through their internal encyclopedia.  Each person will have to filter what they’ve seen through their memory, through recall and the ways in which their minds interpret what they’ve seen.

Our internal encyclopedias are also greated affected culturally.  An interesting example comes from analytictech.com, ” 

  • Past-oriented societies are concerned with traditional values and ways of doing things. They tend to be conservative in management and slow to change those things that are tied to the past.
  • Present-oriented societies…see the past as passed and the future as uncertain. They prefer short-term benefits.
  • Future-oriented societies have a great deal of optimism about the future. They think they understand it and can shape it through their actions. They view management as a matter of planning, doing and controlling (as opposed to going with the flow, letting things happen).

My younger brother is a business consultant…an expert in organizational change management – actually a field called organizational ontologics.  I recently sat in on a conversation he had with a colleague and had quite a time following their conversation because my internal encyclopedia has no reference to organizational ontologics.  My internal encyclopedic filter kept putting their conversation through my understanding of “organization” and ontologics came through to me as something like a cancer specialist.  Pretty obvious to me that I need to make changes in my internal encyclopedia if I want to join these guys in a conversation!

However, here’s an internal encyclopedic change that everyone can make, especially if you have a home-based business, a network marketing or direct selling business…if you rely on yourself  for motivation and inspiration to keep making those phone calls and keep sharing your information:

  • Take out  the word can’t and replace it with CAN
  • Eliminate  the word challenge and replace it with OPPORTUNITY
  • Chuck the words too difficult and replace them with I’LL FIGURE THIS OUT
  • Erase  the word failure and replace it with SUCCESS
  • Rub out  the idea of quitting and replace it with KEEP ON KEEPING ON
  • Throw out  the phrase I’ll never make it and replace it with I’LL FAKE IT ‘TIL I MAKE IT…AND THEN I’LL KEEP GOING
  • Change the phrase I think I can to I KNOW I CAN

The great thing about having an internal encyclopedia is knowing that we can change its contents.  What we think we know can be validated; what we don’t know can be added; what we don’t understand can be clarified; what we don’t like can be changed.  It’s one of the wonders of being a sentient being.

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  1. Great post, Linda.

    It is amazing how much of our own futures we control – in our minds, every day.

    Thanks for the reminder that it’s down to me to make my future.



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