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Keys to a successful direct selling business

Magic belongs in the world of Harry Potter and other works of fantasy and fiction.  There is no such thing as magically building a successful direct selling business. [Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing…however you label it]  However, there are KEY elements.

The Direct Selling industry is an industry best described by the communities it builds.  It is a relationship building business.  The basic skeleton of a direct selling business begins with a single person…the independent distributor or contractor.  It involves sales of product or sales of service.  One relationship is retail...business person to end consumer.  Another relationship is sponsorship-you show another person how to start their own business.  The uniqueness of this model is that you are their sponsor, but they have their own unique business.  The business model builds in incentives to make both retail sales attractive [direct retail profit] and to make sponsorship attractive [commissions and bonuses on combined group sales].

So what are the KEYS to success in a direct selling business?

*Having a BIG dream…a BIG why to start a business in the first place – is it more time to spend with family?  Are you working so many hours a day to make income that your children are asleep when you leave in the morning and asleep when you arrive home at night?  How many school events have you missed because you have to be at work?  Is it income enough to be able to send your children to college?  Is your current income inadequate to meet the needs of caring for both yourself and elderly parents?  Is “retirement”  a word that strikes fear because there is no 401k secure enough or big enough to meet future needs such as longterm healthcare, or being able to stay at your current level of lifestyle or to travel and see the world before you’re too old?  Are there local and global causes that sit on your heart but you’re unable to help because you either don’t have the time or the money or both? 

*Staying focused.  The direct selling industry impacts people’s lives.  The company for which I’m an Independent Distributor, has a corporate goal – the goal of its leadership – to be a $20 billion company in 20 years.  Well, it has already surpassed $1 billion in sales…did that in just a little over 3 years.  No other company has ever done that.  Stay focused on the dream. 

*Think long-term.  Be persistent.  The Direct Selling industry utilizes the idea of compounding…I alone do this much, but if I build a community of business owners, together we do this much…there is power in compounding.  I wantmy downline sponsored community to succeed.  I want them to meet their goals…why wouldn’t I?  Together we do more than any of us could do alone.  Think 2 to 5 years, not “be rich overnight.”  Here’s a question: if you started a direct selling business today and it took 3 years to grow financially to the point where you could retire on the residual income [which will continue to grow] will it have been worth the time spent?  If you stay in your current situation will you have financial security in that same 3 year time period? 

*Delay gratification.  The Direct Selling business is not an instant gratification, you’ll-make-a-million overnight business.  It is a business of building relationships one person at a time.  Whether you meet that person face-to-face or you meet that person via the internet, you still take the time and effort to build a solid relationship, a solid foundation for future success.  The beauty of the Direct Selling business model is that the delay in gratification may only be months or a couple years….rather than the 30 years of a traditional employee paycheck job. 

*Do your business.  Don’t exhaust yourself thinking about your business…get activeTalk to peopleSmile, and when someone asks you why you look so happy…tell them.  Share with people the benefits of your product or service.  Do your business, don’t just think about it.

*Persist.  Finish what you start.  Keep your vision of your future in front of you.

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  1. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. A great post and I couldn’t agree more.

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