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A powerful Antioxidant for Business

Here’s a scenario you might relate to:  Have you ever come out of a business building seminar feeling like you’re catching a cold?  As the hours rolled by did your throat get dry, did you start to develop a headache and did overbearing fatigue set in?  When you got back to your office, your desk, your cubicle or your home did you feel frustrated, discouraged and disempowered?  What happened?

This is a longer post than usual but I hope you’ll stay with me.

What’s an antioxidant?  Briefly put it is Nature’s best defense against diseases and toxins.  Antioxidants are located in fruits and vegetables, and those fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of antioxidants help our bodies to combat diseases by reducing oxidative stress caused by free radical activity.  That’s why we’re encouraged to eat a variety of colors and types of fruits and vegetables.  Fight the negatives by bringing in the positives.

So, why did you come out of the seminar feeling a bit overwhelmed?  Did you take the information and measure yourself and your business up against what you thought you heard and find yourself lacking?  Did you take those thoughts back with you?  Thoughts like:

*I’m not equipped to come up with a business plan.

*I can’t take on one more project right now.

*I thought I was doing okay, but now I’m not sure.

*How can I find new markets?  I don’t even know where to look?

*But I’m not a marketing person, how can I make this work?

*But I’m only a one-person business, how can I do it all?

These may all be legitimate thoughts and questions, but how can you keep them from taking a negative, ultimately destructive influence on your business?  How can you keep them from making a negative impact on daily business activities?  And how can you keep them from causing you to stop where you are?  How do you keep them from causing you to make a decision that would not move your business or yourself forward?

The antioxidant to take is Positive Thinking.

Author/speaker Jeffrey Gitomer talks about “…the bridge between positive and negative….” In his book, “Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude.”  He says,

“In business, most people focus on what can’t get done rather than on what can get done.  They handicap themselves mentally by telling themselves, ‘I can’t get the guy on the phone. No one will return my calls. No one will hire me…then they go into excuse mode by saying, ‘I didn’t have enough time.’..But there’s a better answer, and it lies in your ability ‘To be, or not to be’ positive…If you focus on negative, the results will likely be negative. If you focus on positive anticipation and positive outcome, then positive results will follow.”

Positive Thinking as a concept to be discussed, studied and written about has been around a long time.  Author and financial advisor Suze Orman says in her book, “The Courage to be Rich,”

“Think of thoughts as actors inhabiting your mind, with you as director, in control…If anxious thoughts tell you to call the office and say you’re sick, you can overpower those thoughts by reminding yourself that this is the day of your big presentation and you’re not going to miss it because of cold feet…If your thoughts turn to your debt and how you’ll never be able to pay it off, replace the thought [with] Yes, I have debt, but there are ways to get out of debt; millions of people have, and I will, too…Still the thoughts that tell you you can’t, because you can….”

In nature, antioxidants are powerful tools to both maintaining physical wellness and combating non-wellness.  The antioxidant of Positive Thinking is a powerful, empowering tool.  It’s in how you talk to yourself, the questions you ask yourself.

Entrepreneur and speaker Keith Cameron Smith’s #1 distinction in his book, “The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class,” is that millionaires “…ask themselves empowering questions,” and the middle-class “…ask themselves disempowering questions.”

“Empowering questions ask what you can do and disempowering questions ask what you can’t do.  Disempowering questions also ask why things are hard…Empowering questions make you feel good. Disempowering questions make you feel bad. You can control the way you feel by asking yourself empowering questions…Empowering questions cause you to reach for your full potential. The questions you ask yourself determine the results you get in your life….”

“Which kind of self-talk are you currently choosing to program your everyday thoughts, actions, and feelings? The most powerful words in the English language are the ones you choose to say to yourself,” says author, songwriter and singer Naomi Judd in her book, “Naomi’s Breakthrough Guide, 20 choices to transform your life.”

So, if you are taking regular, fresh doses of the Positive Thinking antioxidant, then you can come out of that business building seminar energized, saying to yourself:

*I can learn how to come up with a business plan.

*I will take on the challenge of writing a business plan; I know I can find the resources to help – this is an opportunity to do the strategic planning I’ve been wanting to do.

*I welcome innovation.

*Finding new markets is an exciting idea…I know I can discover ways to find them.

* Marketing may not be a skill set I have, however I can partner with someone who has them.

*I’m a one-person business, and I love the opportunity of setting a vision and purpose for my business.

In his book, “Become a Better You,” Joel Osteen says, “Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life. As you speak affirmatively about yourself, you’ll be amazed to discover that you are getting stronger emotionally and spiritually, and that the image on the inside is changing for the better.”

The current economic situation in the United States and the world notwithstanding, it remains possible to have a successful business.  A positive mindset will allow you to see opportunities that a negative cloud will hide.  A positive mindset will allow your enthusiasm to become contagious.  Challenges to be battled will become opportunities to embrace.  Being laid off from a current job can become an opportunity to look at the possibilities of home-based income opportunities.  Having current income cut, having food prices rising…all the current life negatives can be positively handled with a “can” mindset.

It takes keeping the antioxidant of Positive Thinking within reach and freshly inspired every day.

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