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Are you happy and content with your business?

The November Issue of Inc. magazine – the one with Digg’s founder Kevin Rose on the cover, has a great comment by editor, Jane Berentson in her Editor’s Letter.  It begins, “Happiness/contentment/satisfaction comes partly from knowing that you’re doing pretty much what you should be doing.  In your case, that would be building and running a company (or planning your next venture);….”

I believe this applies to home-based businesses also.  Those of us who work from home with income we derive from being independent contractors or distributors can surely derive the ‘happiness/contentment/satisfaction’ that Berentson speaks about.  We are, after all, doing what we should be doing…building and running our own businesses.

So, let’s ask the question: are you Happy?  Content?  Satisfied?  doing what you’re doing?

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