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Business Strategy – Just Get Started

Do you know someone who is just getting started in a network marketing or home-based business?  Maybe you are just getting started.  Have you begun advertisingAre you talking to people about your product and your business?  Do you hand out business cards?  Are you writing articles and blog posts that will direct people to your business? 

If you’re not, why not?

The truth is, many people get stuck in planning and over-thinking before they ever get started with the actual doing business of their business.  Inertia sets in and before they realize it, weeks or even months have gone by, they have no retail customers and their business isn’t growing.  All because they never actually started.

In his book, “Art of the Start,” Guy Kawasaki says, “…Remember: No one ever achieved success by planning for gold….”

He continues, “….You should always be selling – not strategizing about selling.  Don’t test, test, test…Don’t worry about being embarrassed.  Don’t wait to develop the perfect product or service.  Good enough is good enough…It’s not how great you start – it’s how great you end up….”

Mr. Kawasaki’s point about not waiting to develop the perfect product or service is relevant to the innovator/new business person, but the person who starts with a network marketing company has an advantage…they are stepping into an already established product/service and marketplace.  All you have to do is announce that you are an outlet for that product/service. 

But I have to study my product first and know everything there is to know about it before I can launch my business – you might say.  I say, no you don’t.  And here’s why:

In this day and age, most established and successful network marketing companies have corporate websites that are full of the relevant product/service information.  Many of these companies also offer to their independent distributors/contractors company-replicated websites that also carry all the relevant information.  To go even further, there are some of these companies whose most successful independent distributors/contractors have corporate-approved websites that offer even more in the way of product or service information, business building hints, tips and aids and even online video product presentations.  This means that you can direct your prospects to any and all of these resources to help you build your business. 

The whole point is to get startedDon’t plan to get started, start.

There are several BILLION people on this planet today; millions upon millions of them are looking for products and services to meet needs and millions upon millions are looking for ways to augment their own incomes and help their families and communities.  There is a place for you, your business and your product/service.

Don’t plan to start…start.


3 Responses

  1. Great Post!
    It is so true.

    I actually had this “overthinking syndrome for a while”

    still have to work on it a little bit I hate to admit it!

    You need to take action.
    then take action again.

    Education is crucial, But you can’t get caught in an education frenzy.

    You need to get out there and market your business sometime.

    awesome post once again!


  2. Excellent advice. Starting (any action) produces results more quickly and allows for more mistakes. Yes, I meant to say that. By taking action NOW, one can enjoy the accelerated learning offered by making mistakes. So, my suggestion is to start immediately, make some mistakes, learn from them. Start again.

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