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Enthusiasm for your product – do you have it?

*this post was edited November 4, 2009 to reflect the change in my personal business

In these trying economic times many people in the United States – indeed around the globe – are searching for ways to augment their income.  In some cases, people are needing to replace their current situation due to massive layoffs.  Another major company announced today that it will be laying off 5000 employees this year and next.

One way to augment income is to start a home-based business. There are many good, reliable, sound companies that offer income-generating opportunity by the selling of products or services.  Do a “Google” search for network marketing opportunities, direct selling opportunities, home-based business opportunities, work-at-home opportunities – and you’ll get quite a selection that you can research.  Products will include everything from vitamin supplements to cosmetics.  Services can range from internet shopping malls to marketing consulting to personal growth consulting.  Do the research, do some due diligence and decide which product or service would best fit you and which company offers both a company culture and compensation plan that fits your needs and values.

I’m a firm believer, however, that the product or service should be something you can be passionate about.  It should be a product you actually use yourself and that you can – with confidence and personal testimony – recommend to someone else.  It should be a consummable product that will allow your business to grow through repeat, cyclic purchasing and referral business.  If it’s a service, it should be something that you are passionate about, and gives real value to your clients and also would result in referral business.

Value.  There are internet-based businesses out there vying in the home-based business sector that actually have no product or service.  They simply pass along bits of money…you sign up, pay $19.99 a month to have “x” website, you advertise “x” website and another person signs up, pays $19.99 a month and if they sign up from your website, you get $10.  And so on.  Where is the actual product or service Where is the value ?  This may bring in income…but my personal belief is that longterm, as a home-based business, this type of business will leave you cold and dry.  It’s not my intent to offend, this is just my opinion. I would find it hard to show enthusiasm for this type of business.

I have enthusiasm for my products.  I love to talk about my products.  I have my products hanging in my own home – in fact, my husband is one of my biggest collectors.  My work is collected by private art appreciators [not really a word, but it works].  My grandfather used to tell me three things…he said I should always remember them, and one was this:  if your name goes on it, or is associated with it, make sure it has value and is something you can be proud of.

My products are born from the passion I have for producing art.  I have a personal philosophy that says that “Life” is all about color.  There is nothing dim or shades of gray about Life…and there is nothing timid or shy about my work.  Color is the hallmark.  When people come into my sales booth at an art show one of the comments made is how happy they feel because of the colors I use.  This gets the conversation started and I do love to talk about color!

There.  That is a shining example of my enthusiasm for my home-based business’ product. How high is your enthusiasm for your product?




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  1. Perfect timing for this post!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly when you mention passion for your product. Even in a fully-employed situation, if you don’t have passion it’s always going to be half-hearted.

    Since starting my own business just over a year ago, I wake up looking forward to work. I choose who I work for and when. But most of all, I choose to follow this path because it does instill passion in me.

    Thanks for a great read and sound advice!

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