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Do layoffs at Christmas bother you?

Economic news today wasn’t very goodYahoo Inc. will layoff “at least 1,500 workers…Yahoo’s housecleaning, to be completed by the end of the year….”[written by Michael Liedtke, Associated Press]

Sadness that so many people are facing the holiday season with the prospect of zero income.  Facing a new year with the challenge of having to go into the job marketplace and find something to replace their current income.  Facing the looks on their families’ faces when they have to tell them that this Christmas will be lean or not at all.  Good grief…why is that every year so many companies choose the holiday season to throw employees out into the cold?  [yes, an emotional response to an economic reality]

I don’t want to criticize Mr. Liedtke’s writing and choice of words, nor am I picking on Yahoo Inc.,  but I’d hate to think of myself as a Yahoo employee who is being swept out the kitchen door into the dustbin – “housecleaning.”  This might be a prudent action on the part of Yahoo Inc. – and other companies that need to reduce payroll – but these are real peopleReal people who rely on their paychecks to pay their bills, to buy food and provide shelter.

I’m no financial wizard and I can understand expedient necessity…but my heart-side says it always ought to be an action [laying off employees] that is expressed publically as deeply regrettable.  My husband works in the software computer industry.  We’ve been through the layoff situation a couple of times.  It’s grim, painful and difficult to overcome.

So, to all people facing layoffs, experiencing layoffs this coming holiday season I offer my condolences.  I will tell you that it is this very experience that pushed me in the direction of seeking a home-based business.  It is what caused me to research the world of network marketing.  My goal through my direct selling, home-based business Independent Distributorship is what will make it possible to never again dread impending layoff.

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  1. Having been “asked to resign” a few years back (on Dec 18), I can say that I believe firing employees (or laying them off) during the holidays is absolutely the most cruel, cold, and unjust action to put on any employee. There isn’t any way that an employer can justify not waiting two weeks or so to do the same deed.

    When you have children and your taking things back for refunds so they can eat your heart aches as a parent.

    I can only imagine that anyone finding themselves in this situation in 2008 will be more than devastating to the family finances, but I’m guessing it could mean losing homes, and cars as well.


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