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#3 Business Lesson learned at Disneyland

Excellence.  Customer Service.  Two valuable lessons learned, observed and experienced at Disneyland on my recent vacation…lessons from viewing Disneyland as a business and not just a vacation destination.

One more lesson: a perceived desire on the part of the company to make my stay the best it can be.

When people enter a business, they enter with the expectation of meeting some need or achieving some gratification for a perceived need.  I go to In-N-Out Burger because I have a need to meet – I’m hungry.  I choose this particular burger establishment because I have an expectation that In-N-Out Burger expects to meet my need for a good eating experience…and I think that this company desires to make my visit as successful as possible.

I say that Disneyland has a perceived desire on its part to make my stay the best it can be because of the experiencial factors of excellence, quality and outstanding customer service.  I say that In-N-Out Burger has a perceived desire on its part to make my visit for lunch the best it can be because of the experiencial factors of excellence, cleanliness, outstanding customer service and an extremely high ratio of quality to cost…very high quality to very little cost.  Great burger lunch for less than $5.

How many businesses can you say has a perceived desire on their part to make your stay or visit or purchasing experience the best that it can be?  How many times have you been to an upscale department store expecting not only great ambiance, great quality in clothing items but also great sales service only to be hounded to the point of irritation by a persistent sales person?  You come away from that experience perceiving that this business didn’t really value your visit enough to pay attention to all of its business components. 

Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA fit my bill: we spent 5 days there and each day was as the day prior…satisfying.

It is my hope in my business that my retail customers, people I sponsor [for my business is a network marketing business] will see a desire on my part for excellence of service…I’m totally confident of the excellence of product, it’s my ability to fullfill excellence in customer service and sponsor-service to which I strive.

Can people say of your business that they can perceive your desire for excellence?

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