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Business lessons learned at Disneyland #1

Where else but Disneyland do you find Mickey pancakes?

Where else but Disneyland do you find Mickey pancakes?

Admittedly the 5 days spent at Disneyland a couple weeks ago was a long-awaited vacation trip, but it’s funny how you glean lessons from whatever you do that are then applicable in other settings.  Case in point is Lesson #1 – Business lessons learned at Disneyland.


By far the greatest lesson gleaned from my days spent at Disneyland was ExcellenceExcellence in customer service; in ambience; in quality of food, experiences [rides, attractions]; cleanliness; of the perceived desire on the part of the company to make my stay the best it can be.

The park engineers have been masters and innovators of moving – and keeping organized – great numbers of people.  About the only area of the park where this seems to be bogged to any tremendous degree is that narrow island of walk-through by the Jungle Cruise/Indiana Jones Adventure ride which is faced by shops and eateries.  That area gets terribly clogged.  Maybe some new innovation is needed.  Having said that, Excellence is still the watchword. 

I arrived at Disneyland expecting to have a good time; I expected long lines and was surprised when they weren’t so bad.  I was delighted by the innovation of the “FASTPASS.”  I enjoyed every meal I had.  I was treated with friendliness by every cast member, shopkeeper and ride attendant.  I was delighted by the new attractions and still entranced by the old.

There are those who will find something to find fault with, but as a whole, Disneyland as a business excels in Excellence in this writer’s opinion.

Do I strive for Excellence in my businessDo you in yours?

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  1. Hi Linda,

    You’ve certainly set the standard high regarding excellence. Walt Disney is one of my favorite entrepreneurs because of his fanatical obsession to detail. He really put an emphasis on the entire experience by anticipating the needs of his guests.

    But each of us in our own ways can at least focus on excellence and get a little closer by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients and imagining what they are thinking. It’s a start.

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