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Vacation was great-3 reasons to go

There are 3 very good reasons to take a vacation, go on a vacation, enjoy a vacation…however you phrase it, “vacating” the normal routine for something different that is fun, enjoyable and relaxing is a good thing.

The 3 reasons are:

1. Rest.  Although my vacation, which just ended this past weekend, was anything but sedate, it was restful.  I worked my brain in different ways, my emotions were engaged in different ways and I was unplugged and “off the grid” for almost 14 days.  Is it possible to get too tired?  I contend that it is.  Spending your work days – often more than 10 hours per day – answering emails, having phone conversations, writing articles, making decisions, building or constructing…or whatever it is you do…can tire you out to the point where it is difficult to do creative thinking or to have intuitive leaps.  The brain gets tired.  You get tired.  Your body gets sleep deprived and routine can get monotanous.  So, vacations are great ways to get some rest.

2. New Perspective.  Sometimes, in dealing with the day-in, day-out same-old, same-old can begin to make you see your business in a sour light…especially if you’ve been struggling with learning something new, or trying to make changes, or fighting to stay afloat.  Inside your daily routine it is very hard to change your perspective, to change how you see your business, to change the view of how your business looks to you.   On my recent vacation – a week of which was spent with my brother and his wife, and another week with my husband’s brother and his family – allowed me a great opportunity to change my perspective.  Before vacation, I was feeling I was at a critical juncture, but couldn’t see clearly the way ahead.  Surrounded as I was in my office by my piles of notebooks, pdf print-outs, to-do lists and a white board covered in graphs, I was having a difficult time seeing the whole. 

In the resort suite where we stayed, comfortable with no interruptions, on one quiet Saturday morning, we were able to have a very lively discussion.  My brother asked me about my business.  Because I didn’t have my lists, notebooks and laptop, I had to rely on what was top of my brain in answering his inquiries about my business.  This discussion allowed me to see clearly  where my log jam was which helped me to re-prioritize my direction.  I was able to come home with the confidence that I know where to put my time and efforts and what to let go of.  PerspectiveSometimes you have to get away to see what you have at home.

3.  Re-charged Enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is a little talked about emotion, but one critical to success.  If you aren’t enthusiastic about your business, who else is going to be?  And if you are not enthusiastic about your business, why should anyone else be ?  This two week vacation re-charged my enthusiasm for my business.  It made me realize that I truly do love what I do, that when my vacation was over I was looking forward to getting back to work.  How many people can say that?  And, when I checked into my business last night, I discovered to my delight, that I have even more to be enthusiastic about!  The company for which I am an Independent Distributor has just come out with a new product and I can’t wait to tell folks about it!  Enthusiasm.  Ask yourself if you are enthusiastic about what you do and if that enthusiasm is contagious.

Vacation.  So where did I go and what did I do?  Seven days at a resort in southern California, of which 5 of those days we spent in Disneyland; another 5 days doing things like going to the Birch Aquarium/Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Air and Space Museum – they had a wonderful Star Trek exhibit – the beach and the final Saturday I spent with my older daughter trying to sell my artwork at a street fair.   So, in one respect, this wasn’t a very restful vacation – lots and lots of walking – but in every respect it was a restful vacation.

Are you planning your next vacation?

Fantastic window at the Scripps Aquarium, San Diego

Fantastic window at the Scripps Aquarium, San Diego

San Diego Air and Space Museum hosted Star Trek exhibit

San Diego Air and Space Museum hosted Star Trek exhibit


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  1. What an important thing it is to allow yourself to “get away.” I had a long run, when I worked for our family business, of several years with no vacation. I excused it by saying that I went on work trips and traveled for business, but the reality was that I was not getting away at all! When I made a transitions out of the business several years ago, I encountered a new danger: working from home seemed like it would be a constant vacations. Nice, right? Except that it wasn’t. It was more like a never-vacation. Even when working from home, I needed to establish boundaries and guidelines to create a “work day” to be sure I had my own time as well!

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