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Do you take business with you on vacation?

Let’s say you are like me, the owner of a home-based business.  If it is similar to mine, you are your business…a 1-person leadership and management team.  If you don’t log onto your computer no one will.

Now, let’s say it’s time to go on vacation.  You need vacation.  You must have vacationDoes your business go on vacation too?  If your business is similar to mine, only the checking-email parts go on vacation…the income generating parts continue.

How can that be?  A network marketing  business is a unique business model.  Independent distributors represent the product of the corporate parent and are rewarded a commission on sales volume of product sold.  Independent distributors develop volume by 1)developing a retail customer base; 2)their own consumption of product – in essence they are their own wholesale customer, no dollar profit, but the sales volume counts; and 3)building a team of personally-sponsored independent distributors who do the same thing.   Retail sales are straight profitTeam commissions are leveraged sales efforts of downline.

In this model, once a solid foundation of an organization is built and the business is pretty much automated [retail customers can, for example, order product directly from a website at their convenience and the product is shipped directly to them], then an independent distributor can go on vacation.  The activities of the business people in the organization, the sales of product via online sites don’t stop.  This is leveraging time for dollars.

Some network marketing businesses have products which are ideal for building a solid business – the product is 1)consummable – use it, buy it, use it, over and over; 2)has great value, which is key to its consummability; 3)is timely – the marketplace shows need and value for the product [as example, the next 15 years in the health and wellness market will be huge for all kinds of wellness products, from natural supplements to healthful drinks and foods.  Why?  The millions of Baby Boomers want to live longer, and healthier, than their parents ever did]; and 4)the business can be automated so that the movement of product does not require building an inventory – purchase/shipping can all be done online.

So, relax.  Go on vacation, put a vacation reply on the email and leave your business at home.   Return refreshed and ready for the next phase of growth of your business.

Let’s go to Disneyland!

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