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Which is more expensive: wellness or disease?

Did you know that one of the solutions for disease is wellness?  Did you know that by maximizing your health you reduce your chances of becoming sick?


What if simply ingesting natural vitamins and minerals could shore up your immune system and help your body fight off disease invaders? 


What makes more sense – eating vegetables and fruits, drinking wholesome juices, taking natural supplements OR swallowing medications and having invasive procedures done to fight disease?


Did you know that fruits contain wellness ingredients:


*a cancer-fighting antioxidant is resveratrol, found in purple grapes; also found are flavonoids, helpful in preventing heart disease; anti-inflammatory, improve blood circulation…who wouldn’t prefer eating grapes over taking medicine?


*prunes are rich in minerals and phenols – in fact, the drying process increases the benefit; wouldn’t you rather eat a handful of prunes and maintain your regularity issues than ingest laxatives? 


*the little Kiwi contains vitamins A, E, C plus trace minerals and dietary fiber.  Kiwis can treat DNA damage that triggers cancer.  Much better to prevent cancer than treat cancer.


There is a whole list of wellness elements that fruit can address:

*blood sugar control [kiwi]

*high blood pressure [wolfberry]

*macular degeneration [blueberry]

*fighting bacterial and fungal infections [pomegranate]

*chronic fatigue [bilberries]

*red blood cell production [nashi pears]

*fight cellular aging [acerola cherries]

*calming anxiety [passion fruit]

*promoting better sleep [bananas]

*preventing stroke [apricots]

*preventing arteriosclerosis [acai berry]


Why wouldn’t you want to pay attention to what you eat and drink and “pay” for the nutrients needed for good health, for wellness, rather than pay for disease in medicines, costly lab tests and procedures, lost work days due to ill health, hospital stays and higher health insurance costs?


Why indeed?


5 Responses

  1. What a great blog! You’ve underscored my thoughts precisely. I’ve embraced MonaVie and am delighted with it. Moreover, so is everyone I gave it too. I tried it for 2 months and wow.
    I got a page http://naturallypotent.wordpress.com/
    it’s a premium product.

  2. The cost of disease is much higher financially and takes a large toll on the quality of life you live. Unfortunately our insurance companies in the USA do not reward a patient for being proactive for their health, nor do they encourage wellness activities. Practical example: Medicare will not cover a blood pressure monitor for personal use.
    What sense does that make?

  3. It’s disgracefull Bradley. The cost of disease really is much higher. Tests, meds, doctors visits. Start by changing your diet! Get away from processed and sythetics. Go green, literally. I watched my father die a slow death taking over 20 pills a day. My Mother changed his diet and embraced anti-oxidants and natural alternatives. Guess what? he outlived the shelf life for his disease by 5 years. Our healthcare system didn’t do that for him.

  4. I see many patients in my office with their health declining. I try to make them understand the importance of taking care of their body. Most of the time, it is like talking to my wall. They really do not care. Some days it makes me so angry. Especially seeing the childrens health today. At least now I do have an alternative for children and diabetics to supplement their nutrition.

  5. Dr. Groezinger – thank you for your comments. It is frustrating when people don’t pay attention to the good advice a conscientious physician is trying to give them. I wish you great success with your business. – Linda

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