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Wall Street melted but you don’t have to

The front page of today’s newspaper looks grim.  Talk of financial storms, bad to worse loses and nightmare.

Doesn’t have to be that way for you and me.  It’s no secret that this writer admires financial leader Robert Kiyosaki and takes to heart his wisdom.  In the November 2006 issue of Your Business at Home magazine, he states,

“Everybody wants to be rich or at least financially secure.  However, today more and more people are finding it harder to keep their head above water financially.  And from my vantage point, I see a lot of people giving up hope and feeling that winning the lottery or inheriting is the only way they can become financially independent…There is another way of getting ahead financially…There is another way the average person can enjoy the benefits of financial success without the hassles associated with a traditional business: Start your own direct selling business….”  [taken from pages 22 and 24]

Even with the headlines in today’s news, screaming gloom and doom and “woe is me,” there is hope.  The Direct Selling Industry is the largest growning industry and business model in the world.  There are direct selling companies who have not stopped expanding, growing at all this year.  The company for which I am an Independent Distributor is one of them…it has continued steady growth since launching in 2005…it has not had a single month where significant growth has not occured.

My newspaper today, on the front page, offered an online discussion of “the cost-cutting measures” people are taking during this economic crisis. 

Well, I offer a counter discussion: what measures are you taking to increase your income?  I have a model for building a successful MonaVie distributorship that is not dependent upon the current financial situation on Wall Street.  You can build a solid, firm business that will give you the potential for whatever income level you desire.  Only a direct selling model can let you do this, and it is dependent only upon you.

The financial indicators I’m seeing “out there” are indicating this fall and winter of 2008 will see a huge growth in direct selling businesses worldwide because people simply are not going to roll over and throw up their hands and dance around singing “Doom on you,” like the DoDo birds in the movie Ice Age.

What do you think?

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