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The Home Office

Working at home…working from home…working out of your home – however it is phrased, having a home-based business means that you work from home.  Your office is in your home.  Your office space is some part of your home. 

What does yours look like?  How much privacy do you have?  Do you have your own phone?  Computer?  Coffee maker?

One of the struggles of working at home is the fact that it is home…how do you dedicate your working hours to work and keep the home-related tasks, chores and honey-do’s for non-work hours?

What feng shui things do you have to have to make your work place work for you? 

I’ll admit, I’m fortunate to have an entire room as my home office.  Since last February when I got my laptop, I am fortunate to have a dedicated computer for my business.  There is a phone in my office.  I have a desk and chair, a table and filing cabinet.  My room has abundant windows because daylight is essential to my personality – I could never work well in an enclosed cubicle without a window.  I have a tv and a cd player because occassionally I work to either music or tv shows…depends upon what I’m doing.

Another important element to my home office is the play stand for our parrot.  George is a 4-year old Amazon Double Yellowhead and he likes to “go to work” with me every morning until about noon.  For some reason, he likes to have his play stand sitting in the doorway to my office.  He’ll play, clean his feathers, sing and nap while I answer emails, check business, write my blog and talk on the phone.  It’s become part of the rhythm of my work day.  At noon he wants to go back to his cage where he’ll then nap the rest of the day.

What are the essential elements of your home office?  Leave a comment and share what works for you.



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