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Learning is awesome

Learning something new is an awesome experience…more of us should do this more often and in greater quantity and quality.  Going to school, going back-to-school to get more education…accessing libraries, online learning…lectures, podcasts and webinars…there are so many ways to gain learning. 

I usually labor on Labor Day.  When I worked in retail, it was a very heavy labor day…managing a crew of salespeople so that those who were vacationing from laboring could shop.  Today I used part of the day for housekeeping chores – I “vacationed” two days ago; and the other part of today for learning via my computer access.  There have been some sites I’ve had bookmarked for awhile that I hadn’t the time to check and, as part of that gleaning, came across gold.

One of my sons-in-law allowed me to borrow a book by Guy Kawasaki  which I haven’t read yet, but his name was familiar to me.  So, when I was catching up on some reading on Scott Fox’s blog, I saw “Guy Kawasaki” on Mr. Fox’s blogroll and was curious.  Mr. Kawasaki has a blog, “How to Change the World,” which looked interesting.  In exploring the page I saw something new…and application called VisualCV.  Now, I assumed the “CV” stood for curriculum vitea – I was correct.  I opened this application and among the information about Mr. Kawasaki was a video of a speech he gave in 2006 associated with his book, “The Art of the Start.”

While watching this video I learned something golden.  Something I can use today for my business.  To paraphrase and hopefully not do injustice to his material, Guy Kawasaki said to skip spending gobs of money to produce a fancy-sounding mission statement…instead come up with a 3 to 4 word mantra.   In my estimation, using this advice, I’d have In-N-Out Burger’s mission statement be: Very Tasty Burgers.   [I’ve written about this company and it’s food products in my blog previously because I think the fries and burgers are very tasty.]

A mantra.  What is my mantra?  I’m an Independent Distributor with a direct selling company.  What is my mantra for my business?  Here’s a few to try:

*Very Tasty Juice.

*Juice, Community, Lifestyle.

*Juice. Income. Superb.

*Health, Wealth, Juice.

What would your mantra be for your business?  Could you compact your mission statement down to 3 words?  What would they be?

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