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2 reasons network marketing is a plus

The Olympic Games have ended and the United States Presidential Games have begun.  The Democratic National Convention is off the blocks and making good times. 

Hillary Clinton’s comments really hit home, especially her comment about, “an America defined by deep and meaningful equality…”  I’m old enough to know that true equality is a dream we’ll all chase until humans are no more on this planet…but it’s a dream worth chasing.  Some inroads have been made in some areas and, as a female in business, I’ve experienced the inequality.

I’m not twenty years old and I have worked in various types of jobs and mini-careers over the past 30+ years.  I did a stint as a waitress many years ago and suffered the pinches and comments of male waiters and customers alike and, at that time, had no legal recourse to complain.  I’m glad that has changed.

I worked as a marketing director in a nonprofit at one time, earning what I thought was a good salary for the day…until I found out what my replacement was paid when I left.  “He” was paid considerably more than I for the same job.  Nothing equal there…but, again, it was a time when phrases like “He’s a family man” seemed to be enough of an answer.  I was a family woman…couldn’t understand the distinction…my children needed food and shelter, too.

Now it’s the 21st century and “glass ceilings” are being cracked in the business world.  Not yet in the presidential world – I will have to wait for the United States to have a female in the oval office as commander-in-chief – but it’s coming.

One of the things I like about Network Marketing  as a business is that it is “genderless.”  It simply doesn’t matter if you are male or female…you get paid the same in commissions, sales and bonuses.  A bottle of juice purchased from my website will cost the same as purchased from someone else’s.   Team commissions made by my downline will be on the same schedule as those made by my nephew’s team.  Network Marketing is a truly equal playing field for a business…and the potential for huge residual income is the same whether you are a male or female building your business.

The 2nd thing I like about Network Marketing is that it is no respecter of persons…meaning that you can start it whether you are currently the CEO of a huge global conglomerate, or you are a stay-at-home mom who car pools with other soccer moms.  Both will pay their sign-in fee, begin from scratch and build their business, leveraging time for dollars.

A “genderless” business opportunity that allows anyone a potential for residual income – 2 reasons that Network Marketing is a plus.


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  1. Network Marketing is the fairest business on the planet, amongst a whole bunch of other wonderful things.

    Willy Lim
    The Financially Free Advisor
    InterNETwork Marketing in Asia

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