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Network Marketing is a team event

It’s fun, in the time of global sports…the Olympics…to use sports metaphors when talking about business.  You often see or hear phrases like, “Going for the goal,” “crossing the finish line,” “jumping higher and farther;” phrases like that.


In the world of Network Marketing, the metaphors also apply.  My favorite is that Network Marketing is a team event.  Without your upline and downline your business is static.  Yes, you can build a large retail customer base, but in Network Marketing, one of the goals is to build a residual income.  A residual income comes from team commissions.  It comes when your downline becomes successful.  In fact, in the world of Network Marketing, it’s possible for your downline to score higher than you – and that’s a wonderful thing.


My team is constantly looking for new members.  The people I work with are looking for goal-oriented people; people who want to build a residual income for themselves.  People who are looking to help their families and the world-at-large are team members we look for.


We have a proven success path…our coaches know the plays and seek the best for every team member.  The beauty of Network Marketing is in it’s people.


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  1. Hey Linda. A friend and I were talking about residual income one day and we’d both found that alot of people don’t actually understand residual income. So we came up with a story that explains the difference between residual and linear income. Most of course being familiar with the linear type. Can you let me know where would be the best forum to pass that on to you. It’s interactive so I need a few lines or paragraphs (LOL) to do it in.
    Excellent blog !!!
    Joyce Penner

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