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Branding – and Your business

Branding…an ancient practice of applying a unique mark on property that identifies that property as belonging to a specific person or group of persons


Branding…a visual tool identifying – through the use of symbols – the uniqueness of a grouping of products or services to a specific individual or conglomerate entity


Branding…something you or I might do to align or identify ourselves with a unique product, company name or service.


Branding is important in the business world because it is the marketing message that is conveyed about your company based on the experiences that people have with you and your company.  If you are a sole proprietor, you are the brand – every interaction and experience you have communicates to your clients an element of your brand.  If you have a team and/or are part of a larger company, then every time your team members interact with clients they are providing an experience of your company’s brand.  Because of this experiential element, it is critical that every team member understand the impact of their customer experiences on the company brand so they can choose to interact in ways that support the company’s values and mission, as well as the value delivered to clients!” — Cheryl Mann, President Goals InSight, Inc. (510) 482-8987 www.goalsinsight.com ~ cheryl@goalsinsight.com Facilitation & Workshops for Organizational Team Building, Goal Setting and Business Strategy

Branding means different things to different people.  An athlete who is a success in his or her sport may sell the licensing rights to their name to the maker of an athletic shoe maker hence allowing that shoe maker to “brand” that person’s name as an identifier of value for the shoe maker.  People who purchase the shoes “brand” themselves by wearing those shoes, thus giving themselves added value in the eyes of themselves and their peers.

Branding is an assigned value.  You may choose to use identifying symbols so that people will know, at a glance, who and what you represent.  You may decide this has value because the symbols themselves impart value that is known in the marketplace.

“Business is conducted in the context of relationships.  Relationships exist in the context of community.  The cornerstone of a community is common language and symbols.  Symbols are more powerful in a community than language.  Your brand is your symbol for the value you offer the community.  Branding is about positioning your brand so that it is part of the common language of the community.”  Brian Lee, Senior Chief Principal Organization Transformation Management, Delegata – 2495 Natomas Park Dr., Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95833  (916) 609.5457 office – http://www.delegata.com


Branding has relevance for the small, and home-based business owner – as much so as for the large global conglomerate.  Your brand can also be you.

“Case in point, many years ago, in the small town I live in, a young man who owned a small gas station/car repair shop took a chance on me and agreed to allow me to pay this rather huge (in my opinion) repair bill on my car in monthly installments. None of the other repair shops were interested in my terms. That young man has aged (as we all do) and as life will have it, closed his own shop and went on to work for others. I have followed him. Wherever he is so am I. I don’t care what the name of the garage is or what name is on the gas, I have become and always will be his loyal customer. He branded himself that day and the company name didn’t and still doesn’t matter.” Joyce Penner  Coach, Mentor and Trainer –  www.myspace.com/mlmmentoring

Branding is a way to allow people to know and remember who you are and/or what your product or service is.  If you have signs on your car, wear a cap with a logo, a shirt with a logo, use a coffee cup with a slogan…how you do business, how you conduct your business will all be reflected in the visual brands/symbols that people see and associate with you. 

Question: How do you create name and brand recognition in an attention deficit world? It doesn’t matter if people don’t remember where they heard about you, the important thing is that they have heard of you.  And, sometimes just the notion is enough.  It’s sort of like recognition by association.  Sometimes if your name or brand is bantered around enough, people become convinced that they’ve heard of you even when they really haven’t.  Your name or brand has simply become acceptable as an “everyday” item.  How do you create your name recognition?  Passionate Repetition!  Treat each opportunity to be seen and heard as if it were the first time.”Lorraine Lee Rinker, Principal, Rinker and Associates – Real World Career Strategies, 916-952-9938 www.rwcs.biz  PO Box 4513, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

In a world where online/internet business has become part-and-parcel of daily commerce, branding can be integrated into an email signature and a logo on a website.

Branding…a business tool of value.


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