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My Olympic-size hurrah!

Like most people, I love watching the Olympics.  I love swimming, diving and track and field events the best with men’s gymnastics right behind that.  At our home we don’t watch television, so we’ve had to watch the highlights of each event via internet…but I’m telling you, that doesn’t diminish the excitement one bit!

Watching Michael Phelps throw his arms up in the air and holler in triumph as the team won gold was awesome.  Nearly as much as watching his mother in the stands doing the same thing!  Celebrating victory…feels very good.

This is a blog about business and I can tell you that there are moments in a business where you can throw your arms up and yell a loud “hurrah!”  You landed a contract, you got an important sale, you signed a new distributor, you got a thank-you note from an associate…these are all things to celebrate.

I’m on the road to Gold in my business, just as the athletes in Beijing are on the road to Gold in their sports events.  And when it happens…HURRAH!

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