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How do you see your business?

Are you a home-based business person?  Are you home-based but travel often?  Are you home-based half the time and in a satellite office the other half?

Are you a business owner or does your business own you?

If you are the owner of a home-based business, do you see your business as “small?  OR do you see your business as BIG?

Are you in an internet retail business where your customers find your products online?  Do you consider this business to be a small, part-time hobby, or do you see it as a major enterprise?

Is your business a home-based network marketing business and you are an independent contractor, an independent distributor?  Have you realized that this means you own your business?  Do you see it as a small, part-time it-helps-with-the-mortgage business?  OR do you see its ultimate potential to set you free financially?

These are serious questions for anyone with a home-based business. 

My business is home-based and it is a big business.  I’m always looking for people to team with who are ambitious, trustworthy, willing to work and willing to learn.  My aim is to have an international business.

What is your aim for your business and how do you view it?

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