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A bit of poetry in a business day

One of the pleasures of having a home-based business is being able to choose  the background music.  No “elevator music” here.  There are no employees to have to contend with who might not like the choice of music; no customers who will complain of the choice, or remark it’s too loud or too low to hear.

What is wonderful about being a business owner with a home-based business is being able to sit at your desk drinking your favorite soda – Jarritos brand, Tamarind flavor [which I discovered at the little Mexican cafe about two blocks from my home…and again at my local Safeway].  This is a great product at a great price. 

While drinking my favorite soda and listening to one of my favorite cds: soundtrack to the movie, “Memoirs of a Geisha,”  [the solos by Yo-Yo Ma [cello] and Itzhak Perlman [violin] are achingly beautiful] I can work in poetic bliss.  How many business owners can say this?

What are some of the side benefits of your choice of business?

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