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Take a reporter’s eye-view of your business

When I was younger and thought I was Lois Lane of the Daily Planet, I worked as a newspaper reporter.  Point of fact, I worked at two separate newspapers at different times…both small weeklies.  In both I covered community news, lifestyle news and once in a while, “breaking news.”  Regardless of its category, every story needed the Who, What, When, Where, How  and Why.


Have you ever thought of looking at your business  in this fashion?  Could be instructive, and it doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of a mega-corporation, or the owner of a home-based network marketing business, your answers might surprise you.


Who:  who runs your company?  Who is your business about?  Who benefits from your products or services?  Who benefits from your business’s daily operations and in what ways?  Who are your customers?  Who are your direct competitors?  Who matters the most to you in your business?


What:  what is your product or service?  What value does/do your product(s)/service(s) have?  What does your business give back to your community?  What does your choice of business vehicle say about you and your life choices?  What is your business supposed to do for you?  What are your dreams?


When:  is the timing right for your business?  Is now the time to expand?  Is it time to go global?  Is it time to diversify?  Is it time to downsize?  When are you available to your customers?  When do you find time for yourself and your family?


Where:  where are you located?  Is an internet presence appropriate?  Is a local presence appropriate?  Where will you hold meetings? Where can customers find you?  Where are you going in the future with your business? 


How:  how will you take the next step of growth?  How do you know you are meeting your customers’ needs?  If you have them, how do you know you are meeting the needs of your employees?  How do you measure milestones?  How do you know you are keeping to your business plan? 


Why:  why did you choose the business vehicle you have?  Why are you working so hard?  Why should your customers care about your products/services or opportunity? 


A reporter’s eye-view of your business can be revealing and informative.

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