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Just what is it you believe about your business?

Belief is one of those things you either do or don’t do.  Either you believe the earth is round or you don’t.  Often we believe something even when empirical evidence would convince us otherwise.  Sometimes we believe because not to is not a good alternative.  

What do you believe about your business?  Is it possible for you to believe your success possible before the evidence is available for anyone else to see? 

Many people with a home-based business, or a very small brick-n-mortar business with 1 to 5 employees, find that belief is a necessary business staple.  You had to believe your business idea was a sound one to begin with.  You had to believe that it was possible for you to do the business…that you were the right person at the right time with the right qualifications.

You had to believe that success would come in measurable amounts so that once you reached one milestone you could continue on to the next.   You had to believe that your “gut instinct” was sound  when you went with marketing plan A over plan B.  And you have to continue to believe that the business plan you crafted will get you through the challenging times as well as the good times.

There are many small and home-based business people right now counting on their belief  in their businesses to get them through the tough financial times facing us all right now.  “Gut instincts” play a huge roll: do you raise your prices because your supplier raised his prices because gasoline prices are so high?  Do you believe in yourself and your decision-making abilities enough to make some hard choices?  Do you downsize or do you take a chance and put more into advertising?

Belief is a huge asset in business.

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