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Internet business and Customer service

Spend a couple days browsing the internet and you’ll discover hundreds, if not thousands, of small businesses, all conducted via the internet.  If you are a member of Facebook, YouTube or MySpace, you already know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people trying to get you involved in their particular internet-based business.

Entrepreneurship is alive and thriving on the internet.

If you are among the huge population of internet business owners, or business “managers,” are you offering your customers good customer service

Let’s say you have a group of little ventures online.  You are an affiliate for a couple products and you are a member of an online MRM business and advertise to seek referrals to build your downline.  Even though 99.9% of your business is done via email and internet correspondence, do you offer your customers and potential customers/downline good customer service?

Do you answer your email promptly?  If someone responds to an advertisement you have placed and asks a question, do you respond in a timely fashion?  Why wouldn’t you?  Obviously this is a person who is interested in your product or membership and needs a bit more information.  If you had a brick-n-mortar store, you would respond to a face-to-face inquiry wouldn’t you? 

If you say, in your follow-up materials,  that you will be delivering e-books, reports or just getting in touch…do you?  Even if the material is free, are you responding and doing what your advertising says it will do?

Is your business offering truly of value?  The products for which you are an affiliate, would you offer them face-to-face?  Are they of a value and merit that you would be pleased to offer them in person as well as online?   

If you advertise for referrals to add to your downline in your membership MRM business, do you then actually contact the people who respond?  Do you welcome them with personal email contact or do you rely solely on autoresponders?

If you are among the growing number of people operating strictly in the online business world, remember that behind every click of the mouse, every email sent, is a real human person.  If you take your online business as seriously as you would a brick-n-mortar business, then offer your customers good customer service.  Offer quality, value and “added value.”

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