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Entrepreneurial success story

I loved the front page of my newspaper today.  That is frequently not the case as most days it is filled with war and high prices and troubles everywhere.  But not today.

“Immigrant women mean business” story by Matt O’Brien.  What an awesome story of “…six women who were awarded $2,000 grants…from CEO Women, an Oakland-based organization that helps low-income immigrant and refugee women launch or grow small businesses.”   According to the article by Matt, these women have used their grants for such things as purchasing a catering truck, web site development and paying the first month of storefront rent.

How many people would read this story and think initially that $2,000 isn’t a lot of money?  That how much can $2,000 actually do to help someone kick-start a business?  For those wanting to start a home-based business, something like $2,000 would mean paying for the business sign-in fee [in the case of a network marketing business], pay for a cell phone, pay for business cards, a business license and maybe signs for their car

Grants and micro-loans for small business start-ups is the heart-stone of entrepreneurshipKiva.org is one such organization that pairs people with money with small business people who need start-up money – in the case of Kiva, depending upon where on the globe you are talking and what the business, even $25 in U.S. funds is valuable.

Hats off from this reader to reporter Matt O’Brien for this story of entrepreneurial success.


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