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Is your business a Hobby or a Business?

Some people start a home-based business because they want a part-time income generator; something they can do in their spare time to earn a little extra money.  Some people start a home-based business to bring just enough extra money to pay off the mortgage while others have a dream of replacing their current income with the hope of achieving financial success.

Taking that thought, what if all three types of home business starters began with the very same business?  They pay their join-in fee and begin talking about what they are doing with friends and family.  What will be the difference between those that treat their new business like a hobby and those that succeed in building a significant income stream?

The person who has small goals will allocate very little space in their time or home to “work” their business.  They may hand out a few brochures, go to a few meetings and purchase their own product.  To the casual observer, this person does not have a serious business, they have a business hobby that occupies some of their time and provides what used to be called “pin money.”  This person will not attract someone who is themself looking for a serious home-based business.

Someone who hopes to earn enough by working at home part-time to eventually pay off the mortgage is thinking a little larger, but not by much.  This person may attend more meetings, may even host one in their home; he or she may purchase some marketing supplies, maybe even business cards.  But when all is said and done, because their vision is small and narrowly defined, their efforts in their business will be reflective of that.  This person will attract a few others with small goals.  This person has more than a hobby but less than a fullfledged business.

Turning a home-based business into a serious enterprise is a mindset.  You are what you think about.  You might start your business part-time, but your efforts are not reflective of it.  You attend meetings, go to trainings, learn self-improvement, leadership skills and most of all, you will build big dreams.  A business requires time and resources in order to attract both customers and others who might want to join your business [if yours is a sponsorship type].  It doesn’t matter if your business platform is scrapbooking, vitamins, nutritional juices, candles, business coaching…whatever the goods/services, it is your dream that will fuel your vision of your business changing it from a part-time hobby to a thriving home-based enterprise. 


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  1. What a great message. I agree with you completely. In order to have your business take off you really must passionately put your heart into it. You must really immerse your self in every aspect of the business. It is that attention that can lead to the fine tuning that leads to tremendous success. I highly recommend finding a business that you love and that can make your the income you desire. All the Best in Life!!!!!! Art

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