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Is your Business predictable?

McDonald’s™ is a very predictable business which is the key to its success.  The consumer knows exactly what he is going to get no matter which location he enters no matter which town, state or even country he goes.  There might be a couple of regional differences – for instance in Hawaii I once saw rice and Spam™ on the menu right along with the hamburgers and fries.

Also predictable is the service – generally – the décor – generally – the hours of service, the packaging, the architecture of the building.  A very predictable business and one that is very profitable because of it. 

But is your business predictable?  Is your product [or service] the same from customer to customer?  Whether your business is a nutritional juice beverage or business counseling, you are offering something for sale:  Can repeat customers expect to get the same quality each time they order your product or use your service?

Can your customers count on you being available on a predictable schedule?  Depending upon your business, your “customers” might also be your downline distributors.  Can they count on the predictable-ness of your availability?

What about customer service?  Can you be counted upon [a predictable measure] to offer quality service to each and every customer? 

What about your business’ growth?  If you are applying the time, training, self-motivation, self-determination, self-discipline and drive to build your business along a well-laid plan, can you predict its success?

A good definition of the word predictable: capable of being foretold.   A customer goes into a McDonald’s™ eatery because he knows exactly what to expect: a basic hamburger, fries and a beverage for a reasonably low price.  And maybe he’ll be asked if he needs ketchup.

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