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3 Things to do While Sitting in Traffic

Ever wonder what you could be doing while you’re sitting in traffic waiting for the river of vehicles to wind its way ever slowly onward?  Here are three positive, uplifting things you can do to enrich your driving time:

1.  Go through your affirmations.  Out loud.  Doesn’t matter if the person in the car next to you thinks you’re nuts for talking to yourself – some people sing, don’t they?  And, you do have your affirmations memorized and at the top of your mind, don’t you?  Go through them, hear yourself, affirm your dreams and goals.

2.  LIsten to cd’s.  Cd’s that: a) build you up: motivational, inspirational; b) relieve your stress: music; c) educate you: business training, leadership training, something specific to your industry, or even learn a new language.

3.  Mentally review your goals and dreams.  Do a mental check of your dreams…are they truly BIG enough to fuel your current and future efforts?

With these activities, you can turn your commute time into uplifting, productive time.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July to everyone who celebrates this holiday.

When you dream, dream BIG

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  1. You are amazing. The importance of what you are recommending is missed by so many people. It’s one of those things that I do even when I’m doing dishes or heaven forbid laundry. It changes your whole day, minute by minute.
    Thank you for writing about this and sharing with all. You will change people’s lives.
    Joyce Penner

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