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3 Facts about Network Marketing

Three BIG facts about Network Marketing:


1.       The Direct Selling industry is huge.  United States sales totaled $32.18 billion in 2006.

2.      More than 74% of the American public purchased goods/services through the Direct Selling industry in 2006.

3.      Worldwide sales are more than $109 billion.

Whether you call it “network” marketing, “direct” marketing, “direct selling,” “relationship marketing,” or “multi-level” marketing, the Network Marketing industry is huge…and growing.  The Direct Selling Association’s numbers [cited above] are impressive, and will be even more so when they finish their 2007 surveys of the industry.

More and more people seem to be seeing this industry as a way to either augment their existing income source(s) [jobs, investments] or they are using direct marketing as a sole income source.  The very fact that the company I represent as an independent distributor reached $1 billion in sales in its less than 4 years of existence [launched in January of 2005] is awesome validation of this industry’s business model.

Scott Allen, of About.com, says “Network marketing is just a business model, and it really amounts to ‘micro-franchising.’  Its upside is that it has a very low cost of entry, with the potential for exceptional revenue, and there are those who achieve that.”  [For his full article go to: http://entrepreneurs.about.com/cs/multilevelmktg/a/problemwithmlm.htm  ]

With the current shadow on the economic landscape [high gasoline and food costs, housing costs, credit crises] threatening recession, looking into a home-based business via a network marketing company is a good idea.  One option in hard economic times is to cut-back, another is to increase your revenue sources.

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