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Do you face a “scary” Christmas?

A headline pulled from my local newspaper just this morning screamed: “Retailers brace for a scary little Christmas,” with an accompanying quote:

“People are feeling poorer and that means less spending….The holiday season will be bad – if not worse than the last year.”– Bernard Baumohl, economist, Economic Outlook Group LLC

So what does this mean for the small business person and the person who has a home-based business?  Does it make you nervous?  What does this mean for you the consumer?  Are you going to have to trim, cut back and stop spending?  That is an option.  But consider this: there is another option.

What if you answered all this gloom and doom with another option?  Instead of cutting back on expenses, increase your income.  There all kinds of home-based businesses that can generate extra income whether you’re looking for just enough to pay the mortgage each month or you would like to be one of the seemingly few who will not worry about their wallet come this Christmas shopping season.

There are home-based, direct marketing businesses whose products are ones we all use everyday and are not likely to discontinue using.  The Direct, or Network, Marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry around the world and growing.  Even in this scary time of being haunted by the spectre of recession, there are Direct Marketing companies who are growing, every single month. 

So, I’m going to remain positive and see the coming Christmas season with anticipation.  What about you?

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