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Business and potatoes

You say Potato, I say potato…well, the old song didn’t say anything about potatoes being laced with deadly chemicals.  Who knew I would read about this in a column in my local newspaper about retirement planning?

Steve Butler, with Pension Dynamics in Pleasant Hill, CA, writes a weekly column that appears in my newspaper and in today’s column Steve says, “How can we expect to live long enough to enjoy a hard-earned retirement if the food industry is trying to kill us?”  [You can find this column at: http://www.pensiondynamics.com/newsarticles probably next week when it gets archived and read about the tainted potatoes for yourself.]

The point Steve makes is interesting.  As small, home-based business entrepreneurs, we work hard to build successful businesses with the goals of fulfilling current dreams and leaving a legacy for our families.  However, if we’re not healthy, how are we going to fulfill those dreams…much less build successful businesses?

It takes a mind that is unclouded by sleep deprivation, energy augmented not by caffine, but by natural nutrients, and stamina attained through exercise to keep us at the top of our game.  And in this case, not making our health a priority can make or break our business.  Have a sluggish mind can result in missed opportunities, mistakes and omissions.  Not having enough energy can translate to missed opportunities.  Not being able to go the extra mile can mean the difference between a small, mediocre business and a healthy growing prosperous business.

As Steve says at the end of his article, “…some good food coaching may go a long way toward adding more years of a healthy retirement.”  I concur.

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