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Life can beat you up

Life can beat you up…but so can your own doubts and insecurities.  Don’t let Doubt keep you from succeeding at whatever venture you choose to follow, be it personal or business.

A interesting sidebar to an article in the August/September issue of SUCCESS magazine (page 23) features quotes from Lou Ferrigno’s book, “Guide to Personal Power, Bodybuilding and Fitness.” 

*Determination: “As long as you are determined that you will reach your goal eventually, you’ve got it made.”

The key is to never give up.  Never.  Not even if everything on the surface looks as if you’ll never make it – don’t quit.  If you believe it, persevere and maintain a steadfast determination, how can you fail?  Failure happens when you stop.  Believe until you achieve.

Concentrate on your dreams when the tough times come.  Put them in the forefront of your mind and your eye [I keep a scrapbook of photos, pictures and articles representative of my dreams and goals].  Hold onto them tight.  I heard of one woman who literally wrote herself a large check every week, 6-figures, and put it in a box in her desk.  She said she would do this until the day she could cash the check.  She was able to do so.  She said that writing that check to herself kept her dream alive.

Replace Doubt with another “d” word: Determination. 

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