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Key Questions Before Starting a Home-Based Business

One of the key questions to ask yourself before making the decision to have a home-based business is WHY.   Why do you want a home-based business?

Why do you need to have business of your own as opposed to working for someone else? Is it because your dreams are bigger than your paycheck will ever be? Is it because you just know that given the chance, you could do so much more in this lifeIs it because you crave the freedom of setting your own destiny?   The WHY will be your reason to get started.

And, to get started, first ask the question: is starting your own business going to give you the answer to your Why and the fulfillment of your dreams?

If the answer is Yes! then follows a whole series of questions:

*what resourcesdo you have currently to fund a business start-up?

*what kind of business interests you? Are you good at building/cooking/sewing something? Do you have an innovative design for something? Are you good at talking to people? Do you want to help others? Do you need a business that is solitary…something you can do at your computer?

*Are you open to learning new things? Are you adaptable? Do you have an open mind to new ideas? Can you recognize an opportunity when it presents itself?

*Are you interested in opening a retail store…a franchise of an already proven product or service?  Or are you attracted to direct marketing opportunities?

*Are you interested in exploring a start-up? What is your risk tolerance?

*How much time are you willing to give? Do you have the resources currently to quit your job and spend time exploring options? Do you have to start something part-time? Can you travel?

Research is the key to starting. Examining your dreams and reasons why you want to start your own business and evaluating your needs, current resources and risk assessments are important. Finding that perfect fit takes time and research. But it’s all possible by laying out a plan and taking it step by step. 

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