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One Key Decision

Are you thinking of starting your own home business?  What is it you need first? 

I think you need to know WHY.  What motivates you to set up a business from home?  What are your dreams and goals?  Do you want more than your current situation can provide?

Dreams are the things we don’t yet have.

They don’t have to be “items” like houses and cars, they could be things like having enough money to hire a housekeeper, or having the resources to help with your church’s mission program in a very real way.

It could be a dream to set up trust funds for your grandchildren’s college educations. It could be a dream to allow your spouse- or yourself – to retire early so he can do the things he’s always wished he had time for.

The dreams will fuel your WHY. The dreams will keep you energized as you work in the details each day.

The WHY will be your reason. Why do you need to have business of your own as opposed to working for someone else? Is it because your dreams are bigger than your paycheck will ever be? Is it because you just know that given the chance, you could do so much more in this life? Half Moon Bay, California

Is it because you crave the freedom of setting your own destiny?

To get started, first ask the question: is starting your own business going to give you the answer to your Why and the fulfillment of your dreams?


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